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Rev Brian McClung | Glengormley, Northern Ireland
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307-309 Ballyclare Road
Co Antrim
Northern Ireland
BT36 4SP
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Rev. Brian McClung
1,190 sermons
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New Calvinism
Series:  Doctrines of Devils  · 3 of 3
12/16/2012 (SUN)
  |  Bible: 2 Peter 3:1
        SUNDAY - PM
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The continuation of a series seeking to define what is meant by Liberalism, Modernism, New-Evangelicalism, NeW-Calvinism.

This is designed especially for the young people in the congregation.
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Rev. Brian McClung
New Calvinism

Doctrines of Devils
Sunday - PM
Newtownabbey Free Presbyterian
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Rev. Brian McClung
New Calvinism

Doctrines of Devils
Newtownabbey Free...
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Anonymous Name (10/8/2018)
“ A church which the worlds likes best ”
Here is what Charles Spurgeon would have to say about contemporary praise churches, "That very church which the world likes best is sure to be that which God abhors." The world seems to favor contemporary praise churches, including those of the New Calvinist variety due to their uncanny ability to entertain the goats.

Anonymous Name (10/7/2018)
“ New Calvinism: Wordliness posing as Calvinism ”
This sermon shows why New Calvinism is really worldliness posing as Calvinism. It is evident that New Calvinists promote CCM as well as worldly culture like pro sports all while appearing Calvinistic on the exterior.

William S. SutherlandContact via email (5/17/2018)
from Houston, Texas
“ Great Sermon! ”
I was involved with a Sovereign Grace Baptist Church whose pastor drifted toward preachers like Piper and Keller promoting their books and beliefs. It came to a point where I had to separate because to question this was not open to discussion. The more I thought about Keller and Piper the more troubled I was when I read what these men believe. And their association with Driscoll and defense of his blasphemous statements as immaturity convinced me that all three are false teachers. Mohler did it for me when I heard him promote the "gay gene" idea. These men and many others are leading many astray and are to be avoided. Thank you Brian McClung for speaking on this topic. Ps. As a side note I might also mention this church I left had also abandoned the AV/KJV for the NKJV and then later because of Piper went to the ESV. Sad,really sad! It was once a great church.

Rev Brian McClung (3/2/2013)
from Glengormley, Co Antrim, Northern Ireland
“ Reply to Calvin Hodge ”
There is more than me, and more than Free Presbyterians, who have their concerns about Tim Keller. Here is a link to someone who is not a Free Presbyterian who details more fully the errors of Tim Keller: http://www.newcalvinist.com/ti m-kellers-false-gospel. Neit her is it anywhere near accurate, even as a generalisation to describe the FPC as being "more of an independent fundamentalist church than a Calvinist one…"!

Calvin Hodge (3/2/2013)
from England
“ Not entirely fair ”
While this was a methodical, researched sermon I fear it was too sweeping in its criticism. As the preacher stated, there is a broad array of ministers that fall within this "New Calvinism" bucket but the minister tarred them all with the same brush. Mark Driscoll is certainly controversial and I am uncomfrtable with some of what he does but I feel the preacher here was too critical of the likes of Tim Keller. The interview that Keller gave with Martin Bashir was not a great one (Rev McClung mentioned it, although I think it was not fully reflective of how Keller preaches). I have heard hundreds of Keller sermons and I think more broadly Keller has been used by God in New York City and beyond to serve God and is faithful to the Gospel. Not everyone adheres to the narrowness of Ulster Free Presbyterianism (which is far from perfect either - and more of an independent fundamentalist church than a Calvinist one, if we are in the business of making sweeping generalisations).

Florin MotiuContact via email (3/1/2013)
from Oradea, Romania
“ Great study. ”
This was very helpful. A clear presentation of doctrinal errors and compromises of this movement. Thank you!

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