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Rev. Armen Thomassian | Greenville, South Carolina
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Faith Free Presbyterian Church
1207 Haywood Rd
Greenville, SC 29615
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Dr. Alan Cairns
5,913 sermons
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The Reformers' Separation from Rome
Series:  Reformation Month 2002  · 1 of 3
10/13/2002 (SUN)
  |  Bible: Hebrews 13:13
        Sunday - PM
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    Dr. Alan Cairns
    Reformers' Separation: Rome

    Reformation Month 2002
    Sunday - PM
    Faith FPC
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    Dr. Alan Cairns
    Reformers' Separation: Rome

    Reformation Month 2002
    Faith FPC
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    Sermon Series (1 of 3):   
    More Sermon Details:   
    A look at the major doctrinal errors of the official teaching of the Roman Catholic Church as outlined in the Council of Trent and Vatican II. The doctrine of justification by faith alone without the addition of works. The errors involving baptismal regeneration, purgatory, the addition of traditions to Scripture, and more.

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    Florin MotiuContact via email (2/4/2013)
    from Oradea, Romania
    “ Great study. ”
    Excellent message about Rome's apostasy from the Gospel, the Reformers' recovery of the Gospel and the Reformers' separation from Rome. Separation from Rome was not a mistake, but a duty!

    [email protected] (10/15/2007)
    from Wisconsin
    “ Great Sermon! ”
    There should be a separation, for to NOT come out of theCatholic Church's statue and the bead worship, and the Mary worship and the Salvation by infant baptism and by works is anathema.

    doug mahady (11/19/2005)
    “ Great Sermon! ”
    this is the message of E.W.White that everyone rejected!

    Naomi LovettContact via email (7/18/2004)
    from Florida
    “ Separation from Rome ”
    I marvel at men of God such as Dr. Alan Cairns who are not afraid of the Vatican. Most Christians Leaders today, many because of their high profile status, and many others because their hope is to become a high profile Evangelist, will not dare make mention of the blatant errancy of Roman Catholic dogma. They do not, and will not teach against these false teachings as they should. Instead, they actively court her (the Roman/Catholic Church), and at the very least, smile graciously and sheepishly while tolerating her and allowing her to slip 30 pieces of silver into their pockets. The Roman Catholic religion is insidiously slipping into all sectors of Christianity. Years ago, I separated myself from a Florida radio station because I came to realize that I was listening to daily broadcasts of the Catholic Mass. I loathed the very sound of it. I'm sure neither the Pope, nor other Catholics can stomach the other contemporary Christian music that plays on this station (a station which the Vatican probably owns), but she knows that 100's of 1000's of Christians can, unwittingly, quote the Rosary word-for-word. Christians are becoming quietly and progressively indoctrinated. We must pray for all Spiritual Leaders, and thank God for the Dr. Cairsn' he has raised up here and there.

    S. GyslerContact via email (5/26/2003)
    from Redlands, CA
    “ Yes, a great sermon..... ”
    ...for the most part; then Dr. Cairns lumped Wesley in with Whitfield and the Reformers (a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump). Mr. Wesley was the one who altered Toplady's translation of Zanchius' 'Absolute Predestination' making Zanchius' book out to be in harmony with arminian soteriology. In fact, Mr. Wesley fought against the Doctrines of Grace throughout his life. His confession, in a tract reproduced in Girardeau's 'Calvinism & Evangelical Arminianism' is telling; "The Scripture tells us what predestination is : it is God's fore-appointing obedient believers to salvation, not without, but 'according to his foreknowledge' of all their works..." p. 21 You want to die with that confession on your lips? 'Separate yourselves' is a good maxim.

    Irene GrotheContact via email (10/18/2002)
    from Ohio
    “ Great Sermon! ”
    I want to thank you for standing for Jesus Christ and the infallible Word of God. I especially appreciate the fresh wind of truth as I am a former Roman Catholic. The church I meet with is firmly grounded in the truth of God's Word and our outreach is directed to all but specifically Roman Catholics. My Mother is 92 and her time on this earth is quickly slipping away. I can't begin to tell you how it grieves my heart that a priest visits her once a month. Never having been formally educated, she is steeped in the superstitions and herisies of Rome, I try to direct her to Jesus. What really makes me angry, and I have to hand it to Satan, is that the so called evangelicals are swallowing the lies of Rome. Because of all the dumbing down in our schools and pulpits over the last few decades we are losing our faith and freedoms. God help us! While these so-called christians are holding hands with Christ denying people, in the name of love, Rome is again rising. I share with anyone who is willing to listen that Rome is paganisim with just enough christianity covering her perversions to make her appear christian. It makes me want to vomit to see christians defending Rome as being a christian church. I try to show them that Rome is not the same in every country, that her dog and pony show changes according to her audience. Fools, so many fools. They can't see that the seeds of coming persecution have already been planted. There was a time that the average person had no access to the Word, God bless Martin Luther and the Gutenburg Press. Sad to say so many now, when the Bible is available to all, do not study to show themselves approved. God will bless you for standing for His Word and His truth. Political correctness be damned! Time is running short, there are so many souls to win to Christ. Onward Christian soldiers!!! Irene Grothe

    Jay SandersContact via email (10/16/2002)
    from Fontana, CA. USA
    “ Must Hear SERMON! ”
    Dr. Alan Cairns sermon on the Reformers separation from Rome is highly recommended. Please hear this sermon. Church History is so important. Thank the Lord for Pastors that will speak the truth and remind us of our roots.

    Andrew RheeContact via email (10/15/2002)
    from Toronto, Canada
    “ Great Sermon! ”
    A much needed sermon!

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      Dr. Alan Cairns
    Dr. Alan Cairns served for 25 years as pastor of Faith Free Presbyterian Church, Greenville, SC, before retiring and being named Pastor Emeritus in 2007. Prior to coming to the United States, he pastored Free Presbyterian churches in Dunmurry and Ballymoney, in Co. Antrim, Northern...

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